Punda Events List

Events are the starting point in thinking about your staff scheduling. Events are treated in Majozi as recurring things. You specify them in a template which then gets replicated, according to the periodic (if any) nature of the event, into a calendar corresponding to a scheduling period. As a template, they are somewhat abstract. For example, Mangoland sponsors weekly Ice Cream Socials on Monday afternoons from 3 to 5pm. Each Social requires 5 people to staff it: a Ticket Seller, a Ticket Taker, a Game Leader, and two Game Helpers.

Currently in Majozi, events are of a fixed length. That means, for example, that normally the weekly Monday Ice Cream Social is always 2 hours long, and the shift times of the duties are also correspondingly fixed, even though the Ticket Sellers and Takers invariably stop after the first hour.

If however, Mangoland wanted to have a 4-hour Ice Cream Social every two weeks so they could present neighborhood children doing a play, then that would be set up as a different event template which would recur every two weeks, and the regular Ice Cream Social would also recur every two weeks and they would be interlaced.