Getting help with Majozi

Our goal is to make the Majozi duty-roster scheduling app as easy to use as possible. If after reviewing the available information you still need help, please email us your question at: contact us »

Finding available information

  • At the bottom of each screen, there's some tips about using the page you're on.
  • At the bottom of most dropdown boxes, there are tips about the form you see.
  • On forms, if you roll your mouse cursor over the boldface labels, you'll see a tool tip appear with helpful information about that field.
  • To see a PAGE HELP for the screen you are on, click HELP in the upper right menu bar. This will always have the most detailed explanation about using the page you are on.
  • For first time users, there are STARTUP TIPS which appear after you sign in. If you're an admin, be sure to follow these tips to get started setting up your account.
  • The FAQs » (Frequently Asked Questions) have helpful information related to common problems that people run into.
  • Finally, check out the Majozi Blog » for odd bits of information not found elsewhere, especially describing new features as they're added.

Majozi Books

Duty-Roster Scheduling with Majozi

This book will help Majozi Admins, Team Managers, and Assisting Editors to get started on Majozi. The book consists of in-depth explanations, tips from experience, and screenshots of examples. It is not a Reference Guide. It is based on the experience of training new Admins for Majozi. Comes with Table of Contents and Alphabetical Index. Corresponds to v2.6 of Majozi.

Where to purchase
Kindle eBook – $3.95 
(85 pgs; color images eBook)
click to purchase at Amazon »
PayPal eBook (pdf) – $3.95
(90 pgs; high-quality color eBook; usually emailed within 4 hours during normal business hours)
Google Play eBook (pdf) – $3.95
(90 pgs; high-quality color eBook)
click to purchase at Google Play »