Automatic duty-roster scheduling for non-profits and small businesses

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Majozi automatically creates duty-roster assignments by matching staffing requirements with members according to their individual availability, qualifications, and preferences

Majozi can cut your scheduling costs by 65% over manually scheduling assignments.

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Members control their own assignment preferences and request substitutions.

Team leaders easily manage team members, even members who don't have internet access.

Editors maintain staffing event calendars which Majozi generates from event templates.

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Stop trying to schedule assignments manually with complicated spreadsheets, sticky notes, and pieces of paper!

Majozi is a subscription-based web2.0 app: There is no software to purchase or download; there are no long-term contracts.

Requirements & limitations

  • Majozi works from any modern browser supporting HTML5/CSS3 standards: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9.0.
  • We think Majozi looks best and comes up fastest on Google Chrome!
  • For security purposes, all browsers should be at the latest update level.
  • Majozi supports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly staffing requirement calendars of events.
  • Events can either be recurring or special. 
  • Currently, Majozi events are fixed -- not variable -- length events. That means that it is not possible to schedule members for varying time lengths for the same event.
  • Please see pricing »  for further specifications.