Majozi automatically creates duty-roster assignments by matching staffing requirements with members according to their individual availability, qualifications, and preferences. This is the main strength and purpose of Majozi because staff scheduling is an incredibly complex combinatorial tangle of possibilities. To humans, it looks simple, but it very quickly induces hair-pulling frustration.

We've noted, through actual customer usage, that staff scheduling with Majozi can reduce the time you spend scheduling by 90% over manual scheduling. For non-profits, using Majozi can result in a 65% cost savings.

Majozi's scheduling engine is sophisticated and fast

Clip ScheduleMajozi can generate an assignment schedule within 90 sec for a quarterly duty roster of over 200 assignments drawn from a pool of 45 members, each having individual availability and assignment preferences. This example alone means dealing with combinatorial complexity on the order of 1020. Complexity like that is the primary reason that duty roster scheduling is so burdensome and expensive.

Other automatic features

Majozi has tools for helping you to auto generate staffing requirements calendars which can also feed your organization's public calendar of events on your web site.

Majozi can also generate assignment reminders, coordinate member substitutions, and share assignment-related team documents.

Majozi can be used to generate a public volunteer sign-up form for your web page and capture responses.