by dsanderson77.

Revised event entries

As a precursor to coming improvements to the entire calendaring function, event entries (which occur within a Calendar framework or propagated calendar) have been improved and simplified.

First of all, the listing has changed slightly (screenshot below). To edit event information (name, times & dates, topics, etc), click the NAME of the event in the listing. To select the entire event for editing all entries (including deleting all duties in the event), click the double right angle arrows ( » ). To edit a specific duty, click EDIT at the far right corresponding to the duty to be changed. When a duty itself is changed, the changes only affect that duty, and no others. In this manner, you can designate specific information in the topics or notes field which only the person assigned to that duty will see. To change attributes for all duties for a given event, select the entire event with the double arrows, then EDIT ALL.

Graphics 54 Tevt List

When editing the overall information for an event, see the following screenshot. The information here is applicable to all sub-duties belonging to the event. You'll also find here fields for supplemental public information to be displayed in public calendars. This supplemental information used to be accessible by the INFO action (which has since been removed in this update).

Graphics 55 Tevt Edit