by dsanderson77.


What are no-shows?

A no-show occurs when a member, who is scheduled for a duty, fails to show up to perform that duty.

Recording no-shows

Majozi now allows you to record and track no-shows. To use this feature, click:

SCHEDULES > [schedule name] > DETAILS

Locate the date and duty and assignee for that duty (screenshot); to the right, click on NS (for no-show). Clicking once records it as a no-show. Clicking it again will remove the no-show state. Note that NS will only appear for duties which have occurred in the past. Otherwise, SUB (for substitute) will appear.


Tracking no-shows

To view the list of no-shows for a given schedule; click

SCHEDULES > [name of schedule] > DETAILS > COUNTS

Towards the very end of the listing, you'll see a section for no-shows (screenshot) listing each no-show occurrence.