by dsanderson77.

Majozi eBook for Admins

eBook: Duty-Roster Scheduling with Majozi

This book will help Majozi Admins, Team Managers, and Assisting Editors to get started on Majozi. The book consists of in-depth explanations, tips from experience, and screenshots of examples. It is not a Reference Guide. It is based on the experience of training new Admins for Majozi. See table below for where to purchase.

Where to purchase
Kindle eBook – $2.99 
(112 pgs; low-quality monochromatic eBook)
click to purchase at Amazon »
PayPal eBook (pdf) – $3.95
(86 pgs; high-quality color eBook; usually emailed within an hour during normal business hours)
Google Play eBook – $3.95 coming soon!