by dsanderson77.

International Phone Numbers

Majozi has been upgraded to handle international phone numbers and sending text (SMS) messages to international numbers.

profile contact phone numbers

  • These are considered to be national domestic numbers for the country of the member. Examples: (510)-517-1234, (0988)-61-2380, 0754-06-8686 for USA, Japan, Tanzania.
  • they will be displayed in a fashion appropriate for the member's country.
  • they should NOT be entered with a leading "+" nor the country code (don't do: +1 510-517-1234)
  • If the country field is missing, blank, or unknown, the number will be considered a USA phone number

text (SMS) notification phone numbers

  • these MUST be fully qualified international numbers, complete with a leading "+" and the country code. Examples: +1 510-517-1234, +81-988-61-2380, +255-0754-06-8686 for USA, Japan, Tanzania.
  • I have converted all existing text/sms phone numbers to the new, correct format.
  • if a member enters a phone number without a "+" and country code, it will be considered as a USA phone number and automatically converted to have a "+1" prefix. Example: (510)-517-1234 will automatically become +1 510-517-1234
  • when members are newly setting up their text message notifications, Majozi will automatically append the appropriate "+" and country code to their profile contact phone number as the suggested text notification number.


  • Please let me know if you suspect that text message reminders are not being sent correctly.