by dsanderson77.

Event Resource Allocation

Majozi now supports allocable resources that can be assigned to events. This post will describe what these are and how to use them.

What is a resource?

A resource is something such as a room, equipment, vehicle, furniture, etc which can be used by events on an as-needed basis. The admin for your group is allowed to define the resources, determine the category (room, equipment, etc), and designate prep time and takedown time required by resource usage.

How are they used?

Within an event template, it is possible to designate a required resource which is automatically allocated to the event at the time the event is generated within a calendar. It is also possible to add more resources or remove allocated resources from an event. Public listings for your calendar will show any rooms that are allocated for the event, but not the other resources. When you're in Majozi and viewing a calendar, you will be able to see a listing of all allocated resources for a given event.

In this first version of resources, Majozi does not do any error checking of overbooked or overlapping resource allocation. But future upgrades will eventually add that ability and use the prep and take down times for determining overbooking and availability.

How to use: creating a resource

Only admins are allowed to create resources. Click the SETTINGS tab and see that a new section, RESOURCES, has been added to the dashboard (screenshot). To enter the RESOURCES management screen, click CHANGE.

Graphics 61 Resources Settings

The first time in, you will see that there are no resources and a message saying to click NEW to create one. Click NEW. You will see a familiar drop down box allowing you to designate a unique name for the new resource (screenshot). Avoid inserting designations into the name (such as Primary Room) because you will also select a category (in this case, Room) which will be prepended to the resource name in listings (such as room: Primary). You can also designate an optional description, team, resource owner and resource manager (future usages), as well as prep and takedown times (also future usage).

Graphics 60 Resources New

After you click UPDATE, then you will see the new resource added to the list of resources (screenshot).

Graphics 60 Resources Index2

How to use: Allocating a resource

Admins, managers, and editors are allowed to allocate resources to events. Currently you will manually need to make sure that there are no conflicts. To allocate resources to an event: click CALENDARS then select the calendar with the events you wish to modify. Then find the event in the listing and click the event name to change the generated event's properties (screenshot).

Graphics 60 Resources Alloc1

You will see towards the bottom the additional information for allocating resources. You also can see the list of any currently allocated resources.

To ALLOCATE a new resource, select a resource from the select field then UPDATE. To REMOVE an allocated resource from the event, move your cursor over the resource and a DELETE button will appear (screenshot below). Click DELETE to remove. (Note that for mobile devices (phones and tablets) all delete buttons are disabled throughout Majozi.

Graphics 60 Resourcees Alloc2

How to use: Designating an auto-allocate resource in an event template

It is also possible to designate a single resource to be automatically allocated whenever an event is generated from the template. This is handy, especially for pre-assigned rooms. Click CALENDARS > TEMPLATES then find the event template you wish to modify and click EDIT. See screenshot for the location of designated an AUTO RESOURCE for that event; then UPDATE.

Graphics 60 Resources Reqd

How to use: viewing allocated resources in a CALENDAR listing

See screenshot for how the resources appear in a listing.

Graphics 60 Resources List1

How to use: viewing allocated resources in a grid CALENDAR

See screenshot for an example. Remember, only room assignments will be shown in Grid and public calendar displays. If multiple rooms are assigned to an event, only one of those rooms will be shown in the public displays.

Graphics 60 Resources Grid1