by dsanderson77.

Calendars - Grid View

Grid View for public events

Majozi can now present your public events in a standard calendar grid view: month, week, or day. You can view them from within Majozi and you can also have Majozi display the same grid view directly into your website. This is called embedding the view.

How to access

On the main CALENDAR page, there is now a new action icon labeled GRID. Click that (screenshot).


How it looks

This screenshot shows how a month grid view looks. Note that it has view selecting buttons on the right to choose between month, week, or day. The scroll arrows on the left will move from month-to-month, and a print button will take you directly to your browser's print screen with page orientation already corrected. Events have a keyword in the title will get highlighted (red, boldface). Currently, the keyword is fixed as "minister" but future releases will make this variable (SETTINGS > OPTIONS). Finally, the entire calendar appears in its own pop-out window (Chrome and Safari), or as a separate tab (Firefox and mobile devices). You also get mouseover expanded details about the event. Read on past the jump to learn more.


Mouseover details

When the cursor hovers over an event, a small box will briefly be displayed showing all event details (screenshot).


How to embed

If you wish to embed the Majozi public calendar for your events directly in your web site, follow the following steps.

  1. click CALENDARS > HELP to see the page help; scroll to the very bottom where you will see instructions for embedding (screenshot).
  2. copy the entirety of <IFRAME> ... </IFRAME> and send to your webmaster and ask her to embed that on an appropriate page of your website.

The embedded calendar will NOT show the Majozi logo; only your groups public events calendar. There are no restrictions on time.