by dsanderson77.

Calendar categories for view grouping

A new attribute has been added to Calendars themselves. It is called CATEGORY and used to assign a common category to a specific calendar. This is a precursor to a new feature which will allow the designation of category groupings of calendars for personalized viewing, either in grid or list form.

How to use

Click the CALENDARS tab and find a new icon labelled CATEGORY (screenshot).

Graphics 51 Cal Icons

When you click that, you are taken to the CALENDAR CATEGORY page to see all available categories, create NEW, EDIT, or REMOVE categories (screenshot). Currently a category consists of a unique name, a description, and an optional team to which it belongs. If no team is selected, then it is considered accessible by anyone.

Graphics 52 Calcat List

Clicking NEW or EDIT brings up the following screenshot:

Graphics 53 Calcat Edit

Designating a category for a calendar

Click CALENDARS then EDIT for the calendar you wish to change (screenshot). In the middle of the wizard box is a new attribute, CATEGORY. Click the select box to choose from any of the current categories. Then click UPDATE.

Graphics 53 Calcat Calstub