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Event Resource Allocation

Majozi now supports allocable resources that can be assigned to events. This post will describe what these are and how to use them.

What is a resource?

A resource is ... READ MORE

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locale-based date formats

Majozi now supports non-USA based date formats. Locale setting is organization-wide and only the admin can change the setting.

How to use

Admins should click SETTINGS tab ... READ MORE

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Calendar Display Views

Well, this is a big change and additional capability for Majozi Calendars. So what is a Display View?

A Display View allows you to designate a grouping of calendars for ... READ MORE

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Revised event entries

As a precursor to coming improvements to the entire calendaring function, event entries (which occur within a Calendar framework or propagated calendar) have been improved and ... READ MORE

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Calendars - Grid View

Grid View for public events

Majozi can now present your public events in a standard calendar grid view: month, week, or day. You can view them from within Majozi and you can also ... READ MORE

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What are no-shows?

A no-show occurs when a member, who is scheduled for a duty, fails to show up to perform that duty.

Recording no-shows

Majozi now allows you to record and track no-shows. ... READ MORE

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Data snapshots

Rostering data snapshots

Whenever the scheduling engine is run, it will also save a compressed data snapshot of all the data it used to create a particular roster.

The data in the ... READ MORE

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Pre-allocation allows pre-selecting a member for a duty

Admins or managers can now pre-designate a member to be assigned to a specific duty BEFORE the scheduling engine runs.