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Scheduling Engine Upgrade

Reverse Processing

I've added an enhancement to the scheduling engine which will yield improved schedules in many situations. Majozi now will also process schedules in ... READ MORE

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Majozi usage rights

I have made extensive improvements to usage rights for Managers and have better defined the rights for Clerks/Editors. The table below defines each rights level.

Usage Rights
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Clear member's dates

This is a new feature that has been added for Admins to do a mass delete of all member's UNAVAILABLE DATES and SPECIAL EVENT DATES.

How to use it


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International Phone Numbers

Majozi has been upgraded to handle international phone numbers and sending text (SMS) messages to international numbers.

profile contact phone numbers

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Changes to Calendars, Schedules

As part of the process to improve editing of calendars and related schedules, here's a description of more changes.

The structure of the Staffing Requirements Calendars ... READ MORE

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Mobile-device safe

Safe for mobile devices: smartphones and tablets

Majozi has been made safe for most mobile devices. DELETE and DESTROY actions have been removed when accessing Majozi from a mobile ... READ MORE

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Majozi eBook for Admins

eBook: Duty-Roster Scheduling with Majozi

This book will help Majozi Admins, Team Managers, and Assisting Editors to get started on Majozi. The book consists of in-depth ... READ MORE

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Members by Committee Chart

New Feature!

You can now view a chart showing members and the teams to which they belong. Only the first 5 characters of the team name are used for the column headers.